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The RetirementSpeeches.net has the reputation in delivering a great speeches that’s why I availed their service. When I received my order, I’m happy because they really have the reputation plus the fact that they have outstanding writers.

Nalyn, Singapore

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Our Retirement Speeches

Our main service is to offer retirement speeches to our clients. We have so many clients from different companies who approach us. We will be glad if you joined our league of clients. The main reason why you should come to us is because, we are the best in this field and we offer the best ever service you will ever come across the whole world over.

Retirement speeches

We make speeches which are not too short as not to convey the message and not too long as to bore the audience. We write speeches that are between 3 – 7 minutes long. In order to write a good speech, the client has to decide on the mood he wants to evoke while the speech is being read. It has to balance between sadness that the retiree is leaving the company and the coworkers will miss him and joy for the retiree’s new journey in the future. There should be a balance between humor and sincerity. Don’t turn the occasion into a comedy by being too humorous and don’t make it too sincere until the speech becomes solemn. Strike a balance between the two.

Retirement speeches to retirees

If you know the retiree well, you can include some fun anecdotes that the guest will appreciate. For example if you are talking about the retirees hard working to the extent of working overtime, you can make fun about how coming early became an obsession to the extent his wife started complaining. Use diplomacy and tact when describing the moment lest it doesn’t turn out well with you and the retiree takes it on you.

Speeches for retirement

An entertaining speech should entertain all. Don’t make inside jokes which will only entertain you and the retiree alone. Make jokes which even the guests will understand where you are driving at. Try to entertain everyone in your speech to the retiree. When you bring your drafted speech to us, we will polish it to make sure it sounds pleasing even to a stranger who didn’t know the retiree. In line with what you have written about the retiree, we will throw a poem or a poet to suit the occasion.