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Retirement Speech Examples

This page we attach an example of a speech our professional writers produced.

Thank you everyone for creating time to come and attend this great day in the history of the company. On normal occasions, I would have commanded everyone to go back to their work stations. Today is different; everybody is at liberty to party and make merry. We are celebrating one of our long serving employees. She is one to be emulated. Eat as much cake and drink as much wine as your stomach can hold. We are here to help send Lucy Mugenda as she retires after working for 20 years with Spookie Enterprises. She entered this company as a clerk and she is leaving out as the Operations Director.

I want to thank each of you for coming to this milestone event. I also want to acknowledge some very special guests including Lucy’s husband and two lovely children and the President and CEO of our leading mobile service provider, Safaricom, Mr. Bob.

I have had the pleasure of being Lucy’s boss for 10 years. As I look out over the crowd, I am reminded of the many good times we have spent together. The standard that she set for herself were much high than even what I set for her. Now she will be taking her much deserved retirement. Hope she will be stopping over time to time to come and give our junior staff some guiding and counseling on how the job is done, and done perfectly.

Lucy has shared with me that she is going to start her own small company where she will put to use the skills she has gained from working with this big company of ours. I wish you nothing but good times and success.  I want to personally thank you for the high standards you have set for our company, you have raised the bar. That standard will continue even after your retirement.

I want to wish you well in all your future endeavors. The sky has always been the limit for you. Keep up with that spirit and prepare for us ground to join you when our time comes to say bye Zain International.