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The RetirementSpeeches.net has the reputation in delivering a great speeches that’s why I availed their service. When I received my order, I’m happy because they really have the reputation plus the fact that they have outstanding writers.

Nalyn, Singapore

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Writing a Retirement Speech with Us

Offering a retirement speech scares some people to death. This should not any more. With our services, we are here to prepare for you a speech that will leave memorable memos with you ex-boss and ex-colleagues for quite a long, long time after you are long gone. We have professionals who specialize in writing these speeches at your request.

Retirement speech

We make it short because we know the audience have come there to help you celebrate and not listen to you narrate a whole book. The speech is supposed short and to the point in such a way that, when you stop, the audience should be yearning for more and not bored to the point that they want to leave.

Speech for retirement

We tailor your speech to the audience. We know the audience comprises of both people who have worked with you for quite sometime and young people who have just joined the company. We try to make sure that you address both group. To the young ones, let them know that they are in the right place where they will encounter success in their careers; to the older dudes, let them know that, they should continue with the same spirit of workmanship which you have been sharing with them. To your boss, let him/her know that, he/she is the best and should continue with the same leadership skills that he/she has been showing to you.

Retirement thank you speech

In your speech, we always include a place where you recall some memories and the people who helped you along the way. Talk of the day the computer hanged on you and you were rushing for an important meeting. There was a mail to be printed and it is the IT manager saved the situation. Talk of that day you were stuck in a traffic jam and you came late to work with all mood swings, but your colleagues neutralized everything and did not take anything personal. You have to tell them to continue with the same spirit of working as a team in order to see the company grow from strength to strength.